Technical Rider

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Small Events

For small events Leif David / Ali K. Zam Productions is totally self contained. 

I will bring my own table, sound system, microphone. A nearby power outlet should be provided. Please let me know in advance if power is not available.

Outdoor Events

The stage area should be shaded, flat, and ideally protected from the wind if possible. If it is on a raised stage, there should be safe steps for voluteeners to easily join me on stage. I cannot perform outdoors if it is too windy, or raining.

I will need access to a power outlet. Please let me know in advance if power is not available.

Parking / Unloading

If there is limited parking outside the venue please save a parking spot for me. You can download and print a reserved parking spot sign from my website here:

Large Events / Theaters

For large events I will plug directly into your sound system.

I have a sennheiser wireless lavalier microphone and I also have my music on an iPod that I control myself using a wireless remote.

I need two XLR inputs on stage.

Microphone: Outputs to XLR
iPod with remote control: Outputs to XLR

For theatre shows I will also need a table backstage (doesn’t matter what size) and a chair onstage.

During setup, we can go over a few lighting cue changes for the show if the venue supports that.

I will require you to provide 1 wireless handheld microphone that will be used for the Host/ Emcee. This same microphone can be used by the group for any announcements before or after my performance.

There will be confetti on stage at the conclusion of the performance. It should be swept up immediately following the performance.

Any Questions?

If you need to reach Leif David you can call or text (250)575-7469.