Summer Reading Club 2021

Digital Promotion Package for “Crack The Case” Children’s Magic Show

Below you will find IMAGES, VIDEOS, and TEXT that you can use to help promote Leif David’s “Crack The Case” Virtual Magic Show at your library this summer. You can use these images on your website, online calendars, Facebook event pages, and other social media channels to help promote the show, or use them to get your groups excited about the performance!

Download Full Social Media Package

Individual items can be downloaded below.

Promotional Images

Click on the picture to open the full size image, then save it to your computer. Use the large sized images to upload to social media for the best quality.

Sqaure Green 1
Sqaure Green 2
Square Blue 1
Horizontal Green 1
Horizontal Blue 1 scaled

High Resolution Poster (Online or Print)

High resolution poster. You can use it online, or for print. The poster with the blank space at the bottom is so you can write in your own information.

Show Poster Blank scaled
Show Poster Filled scaled

“Crack the Case” Magic Show Teaser Video

“Crack The Case” Video Teaser (18 Seconds)

Use this video to help promote the show. You can upload it to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Etc.

Download the file to your computer and then upload the file directly to social media. If you post the video directly it will reach a larger audience than a shared link.

Download Video File (Right click, then “save video as” to your desktop)


“Crack the Case!” Children’s Magic Show

Help “Crack the Case!” and solve the mystery in this Virtual Children’s Magic Show!

Become a magical detective in this children’s magic show by decoding classified documents, matching fingerprints, and watching the magic closely for extra clues.

In the end, will you be able to solve the mystery and “Crack the Case?”

During the show, Leif will explain how he got his start as a magician at 8 years old by taking out books from the local library. He will even teach a few simple magic tricks that YOU can do next time you’re on a video call.

The “Crack the Case” Virtual Online Children’s Magic Show is 45 minutes long. 


If you need something else to help promote the show please send me an email.