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Summer Reading Club 2023 “Journey Through Time!”

Summer Reading Club – Children’s Magic Show

Hold onto your bookmarks, folks! This summer, I’ll be bringing the magic of books to life as I hit the road as a performer for the Summer Reading Club at libraries all across the province! Experience the wonder and excitement of a magical performance right in the library!

The BC Summer Reading Club theme for 2023 is “Journey Through Time!”

TIME to experience real MAGIC! This action-packed 45-minute-long children’s comedy magic show is performed by award-winning Magician Leif David.

In the “Journey Through Time!” Magic Show you’ll see Magician Leif David predict the future, a moment of magic become impossibly frozen in time, and messages from the past and future appear right before your eyes!

This show is packed with audience participation, plus audience volunteers will join Leif David on stage to help him perform the magic for everyone!

We provide everything required for the performance including a sound system, table, extension cord, and backdrop (if space is available). Children should be seated on the floor about 7 feet away allowing for easy interaction.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your Summer Reading Club due to COVID you can do so at any time without any penalty.


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Summer Reading Club Highlights

SRC 2022: “All Together Now!”

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SRC 2021: “Crack The Case” Virtual Online Magic Show

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SRC 2019: “Imagine the Impossibilities!”

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SRC 2018: “Motion Commotion!”

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  • Powell River 6
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SRC 2017: “Walk On The Wild Side!”

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SRC 2016: “Book a Trip!”

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SRC 2015: “Build It!”

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Now accepting bookings for Spring and Summer 2022!

Complete the online booking form and Leif will email you back with show information and a quote for your event. Availability is limited so contact us early to avoid disappointment.

Wow! I cannot express with mere words the entertainment value that Leif David provides! His show is captivating, engaging, and humorous from start to finish. One of the best and most gratifying aspects as the community librarian was witnessing the sheer joy and uninhibited laughter of the kids (and adults) in the audience. I wholeheartedly applaud Leif David and the Okanagan Regional Library’s decision to bring him back as the Summer Reading Club system-wide entertainer.

Dianne Steinley, Okanagan Regional Library – Cherryville

This was likely the best show I have seen in all the shows at our Library – and I have been here almost 20 years! Congratulations on a professional and thoroughly entertaining event! We all loved it.

Virginia Charron, Kitimat Public Library

I would absolutely recommend Leif David’s magic shows. Parents, teachers, and students loved every minute. Great crowd control with humour and so much fun!

Jess Dafoe, Terrace Public Library

We love the way you wove reading into the show. It was all excellent. We would recommend Leif to anyone! Another librarian told us you were wonderful and you exceeded even her glowing praise! Well done!

Virginia Macleod, Vancouver Island Regional Library – Sidney / North Saanich

From the moment the show began, Leif had the kids under his spell! Not only that, but the parents were entranced too. The magic was delightful, but Leif’s performance brought the show to the next level. His wacky enthusiasm and instant rapport with his volunteers created more laughter than I’ve heard in the library all summer.

Nicholas Guerreiro, Greater Victoria Public Library – Sannich Centennial

Everyone had a wonderful time at yesterday’s show! The kids and parents were smiling and laughing the entire time. It was the first time I have ever seen you perform and I was absolutely blown away. Such a wonderful start to the summer and the Summer Reading Club here in Falkland.”

Diana McCarthy, Okanagan Regional Library – Falkland

Everything about Leif’s show is fantastic. His magic is entertaining for all ages and the way he interacts with the kids is amazing. Everyone walks away happy and laughing.

Ardie Burnham, Okanagan Regional Library – Salmon Arm

Highly recommended. Kids love him. Humour is fun and accessible. Very professional.

Kendra Runnalls, Okanagan Regional Library – Revelstoke

It was fantastic. Lots of fun had by all. I’m looking forward to when you come back again next year.

Rita Verokosky, Okanagan Regional Library – Oyama

Leif’s show is different every time I see him. He’s engaging: has the kids laughing, screaming, participating, and always wanting more. The parents leave thoroughly impressed. Makes for a fun and happy environment.

Judy Millard, Okanagan Regional Library – Kelowna

The kids were so engaged and were sitting on the edge of their seats! Amazing performance! We LOVE Leif! He needs to keep coming back. Very professionally done – talented performer.

Debra Holley, Okanagan Regional Library – Keremeos

The performance was excellent. It was far beyond my expectations. I loved that you designed the show to be specific to the Summer Reading Club theme and that you promoted reading and the library. The show had a great message and the kids clearly loved it!

Robin Kelley, Vancouver Island Regional Library – Port Alberni

Leif is hilariously entertaining! Library customers of all ages enjoyed his show.

Ginger Warden, Vancouver Island Regional Library – Nanaimo North Branch

This is the third year we have had Leif perform at our summer reading club wrap-up party. He is a hit with the parents and kids alike! Leif is an excellent performer who knows just how to keep kids entertained and laughing. At the end of today’s show I had parents asking if he’d be back next year!

Julie Carter, Vancouver Island Regional Library – Nanaimo Wellington

We are a small branch and have limited resources to spend on the Summer Reading Club. This magic show is worth every penny. Leif David promotes the library and literacy on top of his top rate magic! Excellent value and quality programming.

Raphael Desjarlais, Okanagan Regional Library – Peachland

I would like to thank you for being part of our Summer Reading Club program. You always deliver shows that are age appropriate and so entertaining. We love your playful goofiness and amazing tricks. The card race game in particular was highly interactive and fun for the participants and audience. You connect fabulously with kids and adults. Thank you once again for the action packed and fun programs. It was a pleasure having you with us this summer. I look forward to future programs with you.

Sarah Harrison, GVPL – Nellie McClung Branch