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Family Friendly Magic Shows and Strolling Magic

Magic’s wide appeal makes it ideal for festival audiences. Leif David offers several shows options depending on the type of audience your festival attracts.

Leif David’s Family Stage Show is ideal for stage entertainment. If you have a kid zone the Children’s Show is perfect for children 4 years old and up plus their parents. Or add a little magic to your entire festival with Mingling Magic.

Each show features clean comedy and family friendly material for diverse festival audiences. Each show will be customized based on your audience, venue, requirements, and budget. Leif David’s act is self-contained and each show is flexible and can be lengthened or shortened to keep your stage performances running on time. Limited stage space is required for the show which allows the back portion of the stage can have band equipment setup without issue. Utilize your entertainment budget to its greatest potential by booking multiple performances on the same day to receive a special rate.

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Festival Magic Shows

Add the joy of magic to your event with a fun-filled magic show that will have the entire family laughing, participating, and experiencing a sense of wonder!

From small functions to large festivals, Leif David’s show is ideal for family audiences of any size. This Family Magic Show is 45 minutes long and features magic, audience participation, comedy, and music.

Leif David will invite audience members on stage to help make magic happen in the palm of their hands while ad-libbing to audience comments and reactions.

Ali K. Zam Productions provides everything required for the performance including a sound system for up to 300 people, backdrop, and stage decorations. For audience over 100 people a stage or riser may have to be coordinated. A nearby power outlet is required.

Captivate children of all ages with a fun-filled magic show for an action packed 45 minutes. Perfect for any size audience, the children’s show will have everyone interacting, participating, and engaged in the comedy and magic.

Leif’s children’s show is very versatile it can be performed anywhere on your fairgrounds including on the ground, a riser, or a large stage. The kids should be seated on the floor/ground just a few feet away from the performance space allowing for easy interaction.

Ali K. Zam Productions provides everything required for the performance including a sound system for up to 300 people. For audience over 100 people a stage or riser may have to be coordinated. A nearby power outlet is required. This show is recommended for children 5 years old and up.

Have a magician in your midst… Treat your guests to experience magic in its purest form – up close and interactive. With Mingling Magic Leif will perform for small groups of 2-10 people at a time. Witness incredible close-up sleight of hand that’s guaranteed to create a magical atmosphere that will leave everyone talking.

Guests can be mingling around your event or standing in line for other activities. Typically Leif can perform for 80 guests per hour.

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I was so pleased with the entire experience! Booking, making all the necessary arrangements and most of all the performance. The audience was WOW-ed! I would strongly recommend Leif David to anyone looking for a family entertainer.

Maritza Reilly, West Kootenay Spirit of BC Festival

Thank you! You were very professional and had your audience really spellbound, especially when doing your Mingling Magic. You added much to our celebrations.

Joan Anderson, Chase Centennial Committee

Leif David put on an amazing show suitable for all ages. I heard from many people in attendance what a great performance he put on. The venue was a family event and he made his show suitable for everyone! Many parents commented on how he included the audience in his act and made everyone feel important. I would not hesitate to book him again to perform for any event that I’m involved with!

Chris Brown, Rutland May Days

The children at our event were quite young and I was amazed at how riveted on Leif they remained for the entirety of the show! Lots of laughs and applause from both children and their parents, the relevant music and quick tempo of the show plus Leif’s creativity and great personality made it the perfect fit for our event!

Carol Sheridan, CFK Family Fair

Leif was a pleasure to have as a part of Terrace’s Riverboat days. He went over and above providing entertainment then our contract. I would recommend him for any one/group/company that was looking for entertainment at events. Terrace’s Riverboat days committee looks forward to having a future opportunity in having Leif return!

Susan, Terrace Riverboat Days