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Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Below you will find information and downloads to promote and organize your event. If you’re looking for something that isn’t here please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Promotional Photos

Please use high resolution copies of the promotional photo’s in your marketing materials. To download the images in high resolution, follow the steps below.

  1. Left click on the photo first to open up the full version
  2. Right click and select “save image as” to download to your computer
Image #1
Image #2
Image #3
Image #4
Image #5

Magician Leif David Logo

Please use this graphic for any tv’s or projector screens that are on or near the stage.

Option #1: Square Graphic
Option #2: WideScreen Graphic

Are you using Powerpoint? Download the powerpoint file with the image already as a slide by clicking the button below.

Image as a Power Point Slide (.pptx)

Summer Reading Club 2017 Materials

“Walk On the Wild Side” with Magician Leif David’s 45 Minute long Children’s Magic Show.

This show features magic, comedy, music, and tons of audience participation! This new show is all about Wild Animals, Wild Weather, and Wild Imaginations! This show will get kids excited about the world around them and inspire them to read books from their local library. During the show Leif will explain how he got his start as a magician at 8 years old by taking out books from the local library.

Ali K. Zam Productions provides everything required for the performance including a professional sound system and backdrop. You only need to provide the audience and a power outlet!

Download Promotional Poster in PDF
Download Promotional Poster in JPG

Promotional Event Posters

The blank poster below is provided to help promote your event. To download click on “PDF Download” then print on 11×17 paper or in your printer settings check the ‘scale to fit media’ box to print the poster on smaller paper.

Need posters for your event to promote Leif David’s performance? Please ask for a customized poster at the time of booking.

Promotional Poster in PDF

Reserved Parking Sign

If there is limited parking outside your venue I would appreciate a reserved parking spot for loading in. You can download this graphic and tape it to the parking stall.

Reserved Parking Sign in PDF

Short Biography

Leif David’s international award winning act, showcasing his specialty in close-up and stage magic, has been amazing audiences for over 23 years. His family-friendly show can be seen at corporate conventions, festivals, weddings, and private parties. Each show features clean comedy and tons of audience participation making the audience volunteers the stars of the show!

Show Introduction

A copy of this show introduction will be provided to your MC before the show begins. It is only provided here should your MC want to customize the introduction for your event.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the performer you are about to see has been performing for over 23 years. He’s studied with some of the world’s greatest magicians, and this year he will perform at over 250 events across British Columbia. Let’s have a warm welcome for magician Leif David!”